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USC versus JHU Computer Science Masters


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This was a disaster of a season for me getting only 2 out of 9 and one pending. I am an internation students. 


Anyways its between USC (University of Southern California - MS CS in Data Science) and Jonhs Hopkins University for MSE in CS. I am interested in Machine Learning and its application in various domains.


I am not at all a social guy and really don't care about frat parties or beaches. Weather is not that big a deal for me .What I am really interested is the programs and these following questions in mind:-


1. Is a bigger class size bad of good.

2. Which are better for initial job prospects and one which has more national/global presence in terms of employer reputation.

3. What about career fairs

4. Which has better professors (in regards of approachability, and reputation in academia and industry)


I am interested in research in the long term but not immediately.


While both schools are expensive, JHU is ridiculously pricey. Had they been of the same tuition I would have taken JHU in a heartbeat. 

What are your opinions in this regard? Which school should I take. Money isn't my biggest problem but is a consideration

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Hey Khalian,


Congratulation for being accepted in these two programs -- I wouldn't call it disastrous at all, but if that's really how you feel, you might want to consider reapplying next season, and only to places you would be happy to attend (and pay for, most likely, for ms...). 


About USC vs Johns Hopkins, I think reputation is close enough that it wouldn't make that much of a difference for job prospects. Did you factor in the cost of living in your evaluation? You might want look for the i20 amounts for comparison.  You should also look at available financing, e.g. ask if TAships are given to M.S. students

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Well both are pretty high (USC its 56k and JHU a whopping 71k). While I think I would be able to pull off the finances for either of these schools, they are still expensive and bothering me.


Baltimore is cheaper than LA but somehow both have living expenses as same mentioned in i20.


While neither of them give formal TA to masters students - JHU does provide course assistantships and help with finding part time jobs. USC helps with part time jobs but I think the course assistantship thing is lacking (anyone can shed some light on this?)


While the i20 amounts are high, neither school will be as costly as mentioned in i20 (in fact far lesser if I go for some cost cutting measures).


JHU is academically more rigorous but USC has the location factor. Hence asking about the job scene.

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