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Low Motivation


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I recently started my PsyD which I was super-excited to be accepted to and worked really hard to get in. Trouble is now I feel like I've lost all that excitement and have absolutely no motivation to do the actual work. It feels very anticlimactic. Anyone else experience this after finally getting in?

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It can be a bit exhausting once you are admitted.  A great deal of effort, time and work was likely invested.  Give yourself a chance to relax for a bit and see where you stand then, typically passions come back.

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I can identify with your feelings in regards to starting your first year in a graduate program. Honestly, it has made me question a lot of what I enjoy and don't, my possible career (or lack of one). I worry a lot...something that has followed me from childhood. Use this summer to rest up do something fun, maybe keep up on some research (if you like it). My finals are this week, so I am excited to get this done. I have learned that certain topics and courses in my program I really do not like, which is a shame because I generally was fascinated with cognition...but I love the neuroscience courses the most at the moment. 

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