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Applying from MPP for joint PhD Government (polisci)

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Hello all,

I am starting an MPP at Georgetown/McCourt this autumn (perhaps this summer, TBD), and hope to convert that to a dual-degree program with the GU Government department. I already have a JD.

a.) Is this question too personally identifying, should I take it down? :unsure:

b.) While to me this is a coherent program of study (albeit interrupted by working) aimed at (I think) Comparative Politics, do I just look I'm vacillating and/or bordering on schizophrenic?

c.) In the context of such a plan, what are the usual pitfalls? I mean, obviously applying to one program is foolhardy; I'll apply to some others, asking for a deferral if I get in.

d.) I am actually fairly agnostic on the financial side as to whether I get funding. Is it true that I simply won't be taken seriously if I am not funded/make clear that I'm happy to be accepted w/o funding?

e.) I've read a fair amount about the dysfunction in GU Government Political Theory; does anyone have any insight to the groupings, personalities, and narrative within CP?

f.) Is there anything else you'd like to tell someone in my position? :blink:

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Any thoughts? Dual degree programs don't seem to get much discussion, and the few people who discuss them appear to apply simulatenously, rather than consecutively.

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Ha, no. But, yeah, not 25 any longer, either. I've seven years of work experience and that JD. You can do the math :blink:


It's been an interesting road…

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