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Does anyone know how competitive these post-doc positions are? There are a number accross the country, and from what I understand, they are a great option for those who have focused their research on molecular genetics.


I have had a hard time getting in contact with any PhD Geneticists (or MD Geneticsts, for that matter).



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Hi Fallen,


I too am very interested in these ABMG postdoctoral positions. I get the sense that they are very competitive (only 1 or 2 spots a year at about 40 places) and that maybe fellows that are accepted already have prior postdoctoral experience. Also, frustratingly for me since I am getting a PhD, when I've written to several program directors they have told me that a) they are only accepting MDs because they can charge billable hours in the clinic and generally do better on the ABMG exam or B) that you will need to secure your own salary/funding before applying. Still though, if it's what you really think you want to do (as I do) it is worth pursuing. I recently organized a panel at my school on medical genetics, with one medical doctor, one genetic counselor, and one PhD cytogeneticist. As they told me, sure, these postdocs are competitive but they still need good people so give it a shot. Let me know if you have any other questions (or recommendations) and I'm probably going through a similar process to you at this point.


Good luck!


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Yeah I've been told that the positions are competitive, but I should be attending a top program in Canada. I will be applying to U of Toronto Molecular Genetics and U of T Lab Med. + Pathology, both programs seem to be very prestigious. Hopefully that helps out.


I'm sure I'll get a postdoc position, I just don;t know what the employment opportunities are after finishing the post doc

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Pinging this treat again to say that I HIGHLY recommend the ABMGG laboratory fellowship experience. It was everything I'd hoped for and more, and spoke to a lot of what I'd wanted in grad school (more clinical relevance, opportunities to publish, genuine mentorship...). I don't check this forum super often since finishing my PhD, but feel free to message me if anyone wants more specifics/advice. I believe these fellowships are harder and harder to get, but if you are passionate about this are and lucky enough to nab one I recommend you go for it!

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