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FAFSA and Taxes - Help!


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I completed the FAFSA and used the IRS data retrieval tool. Now - I found out that I might have to amend my taxes. Fortunately the amendment doesn't affect my eligibility for loans (I quadruple checked that with FAFSA).


But, can my loans be processed by my university while the tax amendment is being processed by the IRS? Especially since I already used the Data Retrieval tool? Anything I google automatically assumes that the person hasn't used it yet, and I have.


 I need to meet school deadlines and don't have time to wait until the IRS amends my return to make my loan application, especially since the amendment is inconsequential to the FAFSA itself.  I can't be the only person in the world to have this problem,but can't find any other info out there.

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The university will probably still process your loan, but once the amendment goes through, you will probably be required to do the Data Retrieval tool again before the loan will actually pay out.

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