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Decline a deposited offer


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Hello I know this question has been asked a numerous of times but they are mostly PhDs situation. I paid a $200 deposit to NYU steinhardt for a master program. I was wait listed by northwestern for a while and they accepted and I was waiting for their financial aids offer. They finally released it and I was more than satisfied by the amount. I want to notify nyu that I will no longer be attending this fall. What's the best etiquette in doing so since Im not really under any professors. Should I call or email?

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Someone must have emailed you when you got your acceptance. You could get in touch with that person again to let them know you've now accepted another offer with a better financial aid package. If there is a professor who you were in touch with during the application process, you could email that person. Otherwise, I'd recommend finding the person who is in charge of grad school admissions (like the Director of Graduate Studies, or the admin person in charge) and letting them know.

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