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Re-took the GRE. Grad school chances and where to apply?


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So i took the GRE twice, the scores are;

1st time: Verbal 430 Quant 580 Essay 5

2nd time: Verbal 540 Quant 480 Essay (still haven't gotten it back) but assume it's 5 again as i have no trouble with the writing portion

The schools i'm applying to are: Penn State for Human Resources and Labor Relations, Rutgers for Labor Relations, and University of Rhode Island for Labor Relations, and Umass Boston fro Dispute Resolution. I've already been accepted to the Labor Relations program at the University of New Haven.

My GPA is around a 3.0 and i have a very good resume in terms of the work and internship experiences over the last few years. I will also get a B.S. in Sport Management (basically a business degree geared towards sports) from a fairly well known private school on the east coast.

In talking to the people from Rhode Island they said they will take the highest GRE scores (which is above their mean) but not sure how Rutgers or Penn State work. In talking to Rutgers they seem like they don't pay that much attention to the GRE as they played it down.

I also sent in samples of my work to each school because i was deathly worried about my Verbal score the first time (even though i knew it was a complete fluke)

the nice thing is that i did a lot of work on labor unions of different sports which is nice since a lot of the programs i'm applying to are in the labor relations field.

So my question is what are my chances of getting in? Also with this range of GRE scores what are some other schools i can apply to? Maybe a reach school? Ithought about Cornell but don't think i would get in there.

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GRE scores do not make your entire application; in fact, at many schools, they are not weighted heavily at all. Therefore it is not possible to tell you your chances at the above-mentioned schools based on GRE scores, nor to recommend other schools. Apply to as many places as you can a) afford, B) devote enough time to the applications, and c) into whose program you will fit well.

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