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Need help with pseudocode algorithm assignment

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ive tried reading through lecture notes, but i cant seem to grasp the conept.
This is from the subject Critical thinking & problem solving in computer science.
Assessing this question focuses on whether students can demonstrate the ability to:
• develop simple numeric algorithms such as min, max, count and average.
Develop an algorithm to prompt for and obtain maximum daily temperatures for a whole year. However, in order to consider leap years, your algorithm should first prompt the user for the number of days in this particular year. That is, your algorithm should expect 365 or 366 as the first input number followed by input temperature values.
In addition, for this particular year, your algorithm must also determine and display the average, maximum, and minimum of these temperatures values.
You need to submit your design (defining diagram) and algorithm.
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Well, think about what needs to be done and what are the steps to achieving it in plain English.  You can do all this in a single "function."



1. What needs to be stored?

2. What to do for each value that the user enters?  You need to do something to calculate the max, min, count, and average.  How to do each of those as the user enters each value?


Hope that helps.

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Hi remsta,


This forum is a place for people applying to or attending graduate school, not a place to get help with your homework. I hope what Flandre Scarlet has said helps you.


Good luck,



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