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MFA Acting Audition Experiences


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Hey all, this will be my first year applying for grad school. I'm quite ahead of myself, but it's never too early! So it would be great if anyone could share their audition experience with me! I'm auditioning for NYU, ACT, USD, URTAs, Yale, Brown/Trinity Rep, and Juilliard. But experiences for other schools are welcomed.

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Coming up soon!


On your list, I auditioned for USD and URTAs last year (and will again). USD was a warm room. Just go and do your thing. A few get to know you questions, and a thanks. They seemed very pleasant, had a good vibe (but obviously didn't get in). URTAs - It's a stress factory. If you could harvest nervous energy you could power lower Manhattan with the stress in the room during the candidate meeting. Be calm. Know you're prepared. Spend your warm up time relaxing and reinforcing yourself. Also - the candidate meeting is early, and you may not audition for another hour or more, so have a plan of what you would like to do (hopefully something that is relaxing for you). I'd strongly advise leaving and coming back about 1/2 hour before your audition call rather than staying in the room if you can. Also, AFTER you audition, you probably will have a good chunk of time before they hand out the call back papers. So plan to do. I went and watched a movie. 


Oh, and one more thing, bring a phone charger or be sure to save battery life on your phone. If you do get called back you'll want to review the faculty at the school(s) you were called back for so you can ask reasonably intelligent questions. Last year I was running out of battery life and it was a race against time... :-)


Break a leg!

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Hey all, 


IMUnaware, good seeing you on here again. I went for USD again this year. I auditioned in NYC this time instead of San Diego to catch them early on their tour. 


As always, they were extremely friendly and welcoming in the room. I didn't get an adjustment on my pieces this time as opposed to past auditions, which I really would've liked. But we did have a nice chat afterward about where I'm living right now (Las Vegas) and the lack of opportunity there for me, and also why I'm looking into moving to the West coast and why I'm interested in the program. I'm trying not to overanalyze anything that happened in the room, but with all this time to wait it's proving difficult. I'd love to hear other's audition experiences if you feel like sharing. I think the USD/Old Globe is finishing up their NYC auditions tomorrow and then they head to Chicago. 


I hope audition season is finding everyone well, and if you haven't auditioned yet, break some legs!

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