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Research project: the internet as a tool for art making and theory.


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Hello! I'm currently undergoing a research project around the internet as a tool for art making and theory, and I'm looking for a discussion and debate surrounding the following themes: 


  • How archiving has been re-appropriated for the digital age, and ways of digital archiving 
  • How art education is changing due to the birth of the internet
  • Googles "Art Project" and if value can still be found when exploring galleries online.
  • The future of Art History and the development of tools, mostly virtual, that assist art making and theory.

If you have any ideas and thoughts surrounding these themes, I would love to hear them. I'm trying to create a forum of debate from emerging and established art historians around these topics to create a transcript that summarises our thoughts on these topics within the present day. 


Thanking you in anticipation, 



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Do you understand French? I had a course on this subject and could send you my notes if you do. 

Also, I heard UCL Digital Humanities department is very active. Maybe you should start from there...


Good luck

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