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Fellowships and self-funding


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I met with a POI that I really loved, who has 3 funded research centers and a track list of grants.  This POI sees it important for individuals to fund themselves throughout their programs.  Any thoughts on how this is feasible?  Any suggestions for fellowships for pre-doctoral students and web-sites where they can be found?  I would be most obliged!

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Well, most graduate students will have to get outside grants and funding. University fellowships usually only last a few years, and people tend to stay longer than that. You'll need research grants, travel grants, etc... and you definitely want and need to get funding in order to get a job in academia after you're done. So, talk to your POI, ask them about university fellowships and tell them about your interest to apply for outside funding (and start applying now, if you can/want).


The AAA's website offers a list of a lot of funding opportunities, so I'd start there.


Good luck!

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Look into NSFGRFP. They offer an excellent stipend which you can use for 3 years out of a 5 year term--meaning that if you get it, you can still bring in other grants to make it last you for five years. 

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