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Where can I find average GPAs/GREs?


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Hi all! I've got a question...as I research grad schools, it seems difficult to find stats for their programs in terms of average GRE, GPA admitted, acceptance rate, etc. Is there any place I can find these stats? These are some schools I have in mind, so please let me know if you happen to have an idea for any of them.


University of Miami

Vanderbilt University

Drexel University

University of Vermont

Florida State University

Bowling Green State University

Harvard University


University of Georgia

University of Maryland (College Park)



Thank you!

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A lot of the time, the universities will have admissions stats posted on their program/department website -- these are often a little hidden and difficult to find, so it may require some digging (at least, in my experience). Other schools don't post stats (especially if they are smaller schools/departments). However, some third-party sites do post this kind of info; how accurate it is, I can't say -- but it's worth a look.


Magoosh's website is pretty handy: http://magoosh.com/gre/2013/gre-scores-for-top-universities/ 


Otherwise, with the risk of stating the obvious, you could always just try googling "School X admission stats" to see what you can find. I have been successful with this method before :)

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Peterson's might have the info. Just do a search for the school and department to avoid getting matched with one of their sponsored programs. For example, here's the UCLA Department of Education's stats. The only problem is that it isn't broken down by program (I think you'd have to contact them directly for that kind of info).

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Magoosh's website is great. It was pretty accurate in helping me understand what to aim for when studying for the GRE.


But for school/program specifics, try contacting each of the program representatives directly via phone (or email if they aren't available by phone) or even better - attend an Information Session for the programs you are applying to. That is how I got the best GRE and admissions information for my top picks (and I learned there is some information out there that is unofficial, but valuable, and stuff that people will tell you, but not websites). I don't know too much about all of your prospective schools, but I think some universities hold virtual information sessions in addition to in person ones.



For my program (MA in Education at UCLA), I ended up attending not one but two Info Sessions. And it was so worth it.

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