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Canadian Clinical Psychology App 2015


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here and I have been browsing the forums on Canadian clinical psych. programs haven't had my luck with recent posts so thought I would post a new post here.


I'll be applying to clinical psych for sept 2015 and I do not know anyone who has similar career goals therefore I am very ignorant about the schools and what they are actually looking for. Here are my stats:


My GPA is 3.7/4.0, one pub as first author, one conference presentation, I have been a research assistant for a lab at school and at a hospital on projects for many years, I also have many years of clinical experience working in the community with disabled peoples and children with behavioural issues and developmental delay, I received an A+ on my thesis and might have the opportunity for pub, my GRE is scheduled for sept. although I have been studying a lot and am not worried for it.


I have been browsing schools and research focuses and am interested in the following solely based on profs with research I am interested in:





Simon Fraser


I was wondering if anyone can give me some information as to which schools are the most difficult/competitive to get into and the process of applying and if any of you are applying to which schools? Maybe someone can also help me out in terms of your thoughts on my chances of getting in.



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Your stats look pretty good. I applied to clinical programs in Canada with less than that (similar GPA, only one submitted manuscript, an A+ thesis, ok GRE, awesome reference letters, and lab experience), and I got interviews for 2 of the 3 programs that I applied to. I think you stand a good chance of getting an interview!


I know Simon Fraser and Dalhousie are both very competitive schools (I still count myself lucky that I interviewed at SFU). I'm reapplying to SFU this year (hopefully for clinical PhD if I can swing that). Message me if you want some more info, and I'll try my best to remember how the application process went (it's been 2 years already so it's a bit hazy). Mostly it involves a lot of having a really good personal statement and getting good reference letters from people who know you well and who are able to speak to your abilities.

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Hey, I'm in psych undergrad at Dal, and from what I have gleaned from the grad students here, Dal is really research based.  The addmissions team for clinical is actually made up of experimental profs. It apparently gets about 300 applicants, 200 of which they consider 'serious' and they accept about 8 or 9 a year apparently.  But in general, it is hard to say how competitive it is because so much of it has to do with who you want to work with, if they want a grad student, if they have funding and what their priority is compared to other profs.

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