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Penn State vs. Miami (in Industrial Engineering)

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Hi guys,

I've an admission without fund from Penn State in Industrial Engineering for PhD (IE rank= 5).

I've another admission that is full fund for 4 years as RA from University of Miami in Industrial Engineering for PhD (IE rank=?). $24800 stipend + $26640 Tuition + $955 Insurance.

I don't know which one should I accept. I understand that Penn State has financial crisis this year! almost everyone get admission without fund from Penn State. It seems that there is no money there. However, it has one of the best Industrial Engineering departments in the world.

The offer of Miami is very tempting. very good money for the whole period of study including summers. But its rank is not good. its world rank is around 195 according to this site (http://www.webometrics.info/top6000.asp).

One of my concerns is about job rating for Miami graduates. I know currently job market is not in a good situation, but in general, is IE department in University of Miami really as prestigious in job market as PSU?

How hard is finding adviser and/or financial support in IE department in PSU?

Which one do you select if you were in my shoes?!!

Thanks in advance for your advises.

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Wow, that is quite a disparity - 5th best or 195th best!

In general I would say to go where the funding is, but given your choices there it is hard to pass up PSU. It would depend a lot on your tuition bill - if you are a Pennsylvanian, I would say to take PSU, or even perhaps if you are American. If you are international I would pick Miami - PSU is good, but not worth $30k+ a year! If you are US, not PA, you may want to see if they will defer for a year - get a job in PA and establish residency before going, cut your tuition in half!

As far as the school goes, you should not have any problem finding an advisor, I am not sure about funding. PSU EE always tried harder to find funding the closer you were to your degree, so you may only pay out of pocket for a year or two... maybe.

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Webometrics is not a very good ranking of universities in my opinion and it is even worse if you consider specialities, because this ranking has no clue about fields of study.

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