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Problem with credits and advisor

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So heres my problem in a nut shell. 

I was doing a masters in architecture, I finished my thesis, maintained a 4.0 GPA and the whole nine yards. When I applied to graduate something went wrong, the paper work was lost or what ever. So I wasn't able to graduate. The college wanted me to re-enroll and take 3 credits so I could then get my degree and be done. Fine, they weren't backing down and I had no proof I applied to graduate so whats another 3 credits.

Well, life got in the way and I basically had to take an emergency year off.  I am just now applying to graduate. Well now they are saying that I need 14 credits. Part of which is because my transfer credits apparently no longer count (6 credits). They counted a year ago but apparently do not count now. Other classes apparently aren't counted. 

I have old emails and transcripts from my old advisor who no longer works there and in it she details I need 15 more credits(I took 20). So I'm not sure what to do. In winter of 2013, I had 129 credits. This summer I had 130 somehow. I mean, even taking into account only my thesis which was an 8 credit course, which I passed with flying colors, I have no idea where their credit count is coming from. 
I mean, the advisor there now is giving me the run around. He never returns emails or calls. I set up a meeting with him and he just canceled. I just want to take my last 3 credits and graduate. This is putting my whole life on hold and I can't get a proper answer from the college. 

I mean 14 credits is basically a whole semester. I'd remember skipping that many classes in the course. I'm just frustrated and want to know what I can do and a course of action. If any one has had similar problems, what did you do?

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Escalate the issue with the administration and schedule an in-person meeting, and bring proof of everything that you can, including your transcript, the degree requirements upon admission, and all other related sources such as emails.

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Likely, the year off means you're working off a different set of degree requirements, which means some of your past credits don't count. 


I know my undergraduate school, if you finished in 4 years you were "locked in" to the degree requirements that were in place when you started. If you took time off and came back, your old courses counted, but you had to satisfy any new requirements for degrees that had changed in the intervening years. 


My guess (especially since you mention the transfer courses not counting) is that degree requirements have changed, and you will now be obligated to meet those new requirements to graduate. 


The degree requirements on admission are only "contractually" good for so long, and you can probably find out how long explicitly spelled out in your student handbook. 

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Before you go into meet them, I suggest you write down a chronology (and take it with you to the meeting) - what courses you took when, what credits you think you had when, what advice you were given  at different times about what more you needed to do.  That might make it easier to work out the difference between what they think is going on and what you think.

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