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Courses comparison between Tilburg and BI


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I've been accepted into M.Phil in Finance in Tilburg(netherlands) and Msc in Financial Economics in BI(norway). Since there is not much detailed information about either university and it's sort of hard to compare two universities from different countries, I would like to post their courses and compulsory and recommended reading here, hope someone help me compare them to see which program is more career-oriented and which could be more difficult to study? I don't have very solid academic background and am not determined to be a phd. Thanks for all your help.

(for each course, first book is compulsory reading, else are recommended)


Quantitative Methods for Business

1. Simon, C.P. and Blume, L., Mathematics for Economists

2. Gert Nieuwenhuis, Statistics Methods for Business and Economics

(both compulsory reading)

Econometric Theory

Abadir, K., and Magnus, J. R., Matrix Algebra

Manski, C., Analog Estimation Methods in Econometrics

Cameron, A. C., and Trivedi, P. K., Microeconometrics - methods and applications, only selected chapters

Empirical Research in Economics

Marno Verbeek, A Guide to Modern Econometrics

Tobias Klein, Lecture Notes in Microeconometrics

Asset Pricing Theory

Cochrane, Asset Pricing

Quantitative Finance

David G. Luenberger, Investment Science

Stephen F. LeRoy, Jan Werner, Principles of Financial Economics

Principles of Accounting

W. Scott, Financial accounting theory

Multivariate Statistics

Lattin, Carrol and Green, Analysing Multivariate Data

Corporate Finance Theory

Jean Tirole, The Theory of Corporate Finance

Micro 1 (introduction)

Mas-Collel, Whinston and Green, Microeconomic Theory


A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi, Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications

Dynamic Capital Investment

A.K. Dixit, R.S. Pindyck, Investment under Uncertainty

P.M. Kort, J.M. Schumacher, Course Notes on Dynamic Optimization.

Economic Analysis of Accounting

J.A. Christensen & J.S. Demski, Accounting Theory

Industrial Organization for Business

Cabral, Luis M.B., Indtroduction to Industrial Organization


Financial Management

Berk, Jonathan and Peter DeMarzo. 2007. Corporate finance

Corporate Responsibility

Kakabadse, Andrew and Mette Morsing, eds. 2006. Corporate social responsibility: Reconciling aspiration with application



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