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Can I get into a PhD program?


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I'm a junior and currently have a 3.0 GPA overall and a psych gpa of 3.5. I didn't do as well this semester as id hoped so I think my GPA may drop to a 2.999. I haven't taken the gre yet but plan to in the summer and am averaging a 1200 or so on practice tests. I am also involved in a lab, plan on submitting to conferences in the fall and became third author on a study that has just been submitted for publication. anyways, I plan on applying mainly clinical programs with forensic emphasis this fall and am not sure if I will get in anywhere let alone my top school (u of Nebraska Lincoln). Do you think I have a shot?

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Your credentials aren't bad at all, but I'd still recommend you take a couple years and do some kind of RAship so you can get more experience. Then you'll definitely be able to get into whatever school you are planning on.

My 2 cents. Good luck!!

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