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Profile Evaluation, pretty please!

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I am wanting to go into a masters or phd program in biostatistics or bioinformatics. I only want to apply to universities in Europe. This may sound odd but I have my reasons. I have german (and thus EU) citizenship. I'm specifically interested in statistical methods in molecular genetics.


Ethnicity: Caucasian canadian female, but have EU citizenship too


Education: Double major in Pure mathematics and Statistics. Cumulative gpa: 3.83. Statistics gpa: 4.0. Pure math gpa: 3.86. Decent school in canada.


Relevant Courses (all As or coming up this year unless otherwise stated): Calculus 1&3 (A- in one), Proofs, Logic 1&2, Linear Algebra 1&2, Cryptography 1&2 (B+ in one), Abstract Algebra 1&2 (A- in one), Mathematical Probability 1-3, Number Theory, Information Theory, Differential Geometry (B - ), Regression, Nonparametrics, Time series, Practice of statistics, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Measure Theory, Topology, Algebraic Topology, Sampling Theory, Multivariate analysis, Actuarial models, Stochastic processes, Theory of Probability (grad level), Genetic circuits (bioengineering class), Cellular and molecular engineering (bioengineering class)


Research Experience: I did a summer in cryptography, a summer in molecular simulations and biophysics, and this summer I'm doing biostats. The first summer I got half a paper done and she's still working on it but it may get published eventually, the second resulted in shit all but a conference poster, and this summer I think I'm going to get a paper.


GRE: I got a 167 on quant and >80% on the other ones (don't quite remember), but I don't think it matters because I just want to apply to european schools.


LOR: One from a (not super well known) cryptography prof will be stellar. One from a (fairly well known) bioengineering prof will be good but he doesn't know me as well. One from a (fairly well known) biostats prof will presumably be good if this summer ends well.


Other: I know python, matlab and R very well. I can fumble my way through coding in c++. I've given a few talks in seminars and/or conferences, had a poster at a big conference, and have two papers submitted right now but I haven't heard back yet. They are in probabilistic number theory and quantum information theory. Edit: I have received at least 20k total in scholarships.


Places in mind: I think I have a good shot at decent European schools, but I was wondering how high I should shoot. There is an amazing research group I'd love to join at Oxford. Do I have a shot at getting in? What about ETH Zurich? The University of Amsterdam also has a nice bioinformatics program I think I'll apply to.


Thank you in advance!!!!

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I have no idea what the standards are for top EU programs as I am only applying in NA, but you have very extensive coursework as well as a great extra curricular resume.

And so unless you have posted an inaccurate summary of your background, I would think that you would be competitive anywhere you would apply, including top programs.


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