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Poli Sci could use advice


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I'm applying to schools this cycle. Looking to go for Theory. Took the GRE on Saturday and got a 170 V, 160 Q. Waiting on AW. I have a JD already from a top 20 law school (the plan was always to get the phd, but I opted to get the JD first for personal/professional reasons, which I'm happy to elaborate on via message). I have a decent writing sample I've been tweaking and getting insight on. And I have three good letters committed (one from undergrad prof, one from law school prof for whom I RA'ed, and one from another professor with whom I've worked on some poli sci research projects).

My question: is a retake for the GRE worth the time? Should I try to bump up that math? Or is the 170/160 combo enough to get me over the formula hump at the better schools?


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