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I've finally made a tentative short-list of places to apply, and (after google started taking "UI" as a cue to autofill "uiuc cognitive science admissions requirements phd") I decided to start a BRAND NEW, Phase 2 spreadsheet. 


The goal is, since I'm applying a few places, I can consolidate the information I need to tailor my SOPs, prepare for my applications, and confirm the schools as good fits before I waste an application fee. Because I know many of you are also applying to graduate school and some of you may be as excited about spreadsheets as I am, it might be helpful for you, too. 


I'd be happy to hear about any methods you use to achieve the same goals, or how you think I can improve it.  It's just an image, because I wanted to show you how the tabs for different schools worked, and the "Notes about" can be for your research interests, things that are most interesting to you in a school (location, for example) or, in my case, sections of my SOP. 

I hope it helps :) 


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That's pretty useful! I started my own spreadsheet but haven't really updated it recently.

I also added things about money, such as typical stipend, different available scholarships I could apply, and typical apartment costs. That takes bit more research, though.

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I have a similar spreadsheet with some minor differences; my left hand side panel looks like this:



App Account Login


Dept. Rank (USN)


Lab Name

POI name

Taking students?

App Deadline

Avg. GRE Scores

GRE Inst. Code

App Fee





Accept. Rate

Interview Period

Admin Contact Info

School Address

Misc. Req's

Useful Links

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