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Favorite journals or ariticle finders

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I was recently looking at http://arxiv.org/ and thinking to myself, I wonder if Earth Science has something like this. 

So what are your favorite or "go to" journals to read?  If you use an article finder, what is your favorite?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks they want to share?

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I read Nature, Science, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, Reviews of Geophysics, and G^3. Those are my main journals, occasionally I'll pick up Lithosphere or Physics of Planetary Interiors (and this one is gaining steam in my community). 


As for a search engine, you can't beat web of science and google scholar. 

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I'm in a field where arxiv is used a lot but I don't really think it really counts as an "article finder". It's more of a pre-print server where people can upload their work before it goes through the super slow peer review process (or some choose to wait until peer review is finished but there's still a few weeks turnaround between acceptance and publication). I subscribe to the nightly arxiv email list that tells me the titles, authors and abstracts of everything posted to the "Earth and Planetary Science" subsection of the arxiv. I use this as a way to see what is new in the field rather than to search for stuff previously written. It's nice to see a name of someone I know (e.g. former colleague or someone I met at a conference) and I keep an eye peeled for topics I'm currently working on. I basically use arxiv to keep up to date on my field's work like I use Facebook to keep up to date on my friends' social activities :P


For finding already written articles, I mostly use the ADS (http://www.adsabs.harvard.edu/) for astrophysics work. Even though I am subscribed to "earth and planetary science" updates and I'm in a Earth science department, I'm an imposter since I mostly only work on exoplanet stuff, which is generally published in astronomy journals rather than the earth science ones that GeoDUDE! listed (although I am at least familiar with what those are :P). When I have to find something that is not indexed by ADS (e.g. I want to find something in GRL), I use Web of Science or Google Scholar.


Personally, I never actually go to a journal and look through its contents (either online or *gasp* a print edition). I suppose that if I didn't have something like arxiv to tell me what's new, I probably might want to skim the Table of Contents for the main journals in my field, but my main mode of finding literature about my topic is to directly search for the keywords in a search engine and coming across the article in whatever journal it happens to be in, instead of starting at the journal and finding things that are interesting.

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