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Applying to Phd Social Work Program


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Hello all, 


I am being asked to write a short policy analysis of any issue I consider relevant to social welfare for University of Pittsburgh. I have an MSW but I have not done anything like this, the closest thing I've done to something like this is critique a research study in my MSW. I am wondering if any one has any educational experience related to this subject and might suggest texts or resources that would be helpful.


Some ideas I have as of now are to focus on financial support for working mothers to pay for childcare services and the stipulations of that and how it impacts families, using experiences from my own direct practice but if anyone has any knowledge of academic journal articles or government or non profit sites, think tanks, that do analysis of social welfare policy that would be helpful.




Also, any tips for admissions to phd social work programs welcome :) 

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I just submitted my application to Pittsburgh as well for the Social Work PhD program.  I was surprised with how long it actually took to write the policy analysis and I found it hard to keep it condensed to 3 pages... I think I had 2 pages of references alone!  How did your policy analysis go?  Are you applying to any other schools?

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If I was asked to do this I might start with looking at a think tank like urban institute. It's just one of many good ones. I found this, which might help. http://www.urban.org/publications/412982.html

:) My first approach would be to figure out how many characters/words you are limited to. That will help guide you. pm if you like.

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