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Does anyone know Stanford EPI?


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Hello everyone! It's my first time to post here! :)


Does anyone know anything about Stanford epidemiology? As I searched online, there's little information about the master program of epi at Stanford, and I haven't found anyone who ever attended it. I learnt from Stanford website that It's a division under the medical school. Is it too small that only a few would like to apply? Or too competitive that few people were admitted?


I'm currently an MD student in China, and I'm interested in doing a master in epi in the US next year. Stanford is my dream school because of its location.

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If you're talking about an MPH, I believe Stanford doesn't have their own program. Instead, they partner with UC Berkeley for their MPH program. UC Berkeley has an excellent program. As far as their MS in epidemiology is concerned, I believe it's not talked about much because it's mostly comprised of their MD students. 

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I agree; the MS program is in the med school and sounds like it is mostly intended for people who are already in programs at Stanford (though it doesn't explicitly say this and I'm sure they'd consider others). If you like the idea of Stanford mainly for the prestige and location, Berkeley is in pretty much the same location and has a top school of public health, so I'd suggest considering their program, as it will have more robust resources as it is specifically in a public health school instead of a med school. The previous poster has already said all of this though, haha. I'd just contact Stanford and ask them about it, if I were you.

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