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164- Quant, 168- Verbal, looking to get into top 10 Chemistry programs- is this viable?


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My quant score is especially disappointing- I expected a near-full score on the basis of both practice and the fact that I was reasonably confident in the exam itself. I don't want to retake because of how expensive it is for me, but I really am aiming for top-10. Specifically aiming for Stanford and Columbia U, but others too. Do you think it is a satisfactory score, or will the Quant score affect my application badly?



P.S. Foreign student!

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those are perfectly good scores - great in fact. Differences of a few points are usually due to luck-based scenarios on the day of the test. Dont bother spending more money to get your score up a few points - at your level any increase won't be a deal breaker. 


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Stanford Chemistry Projected Average Ranges

Verb: 162-166

Quant: 161-165


I would not retake it. Even if your scores are disappointing you're well within the ranges, you're at a point of diminishing returns. If you're going to get in, you'll get in. If you're not going to get in, getting a few extra points on the GRE (unless you score straight 170s with a 6) are probably not going to affect much either.

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