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Are some cities better than others?


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I have been accepted to





Art Center

and waitlisted at Columbia

I am only considering Hunter and CCA. I think CCA has stronger faculty (they actually reply to emails as well:) and with scholarships will cost me much less than even Hunter (out of state 4 times the price your first year). I am only concerned about living in San Francisco for 2 years. It seems totally disconnected from the art world. I didn't apply to Yale or other strong programs in undesireable places. I am now wondering if SF falls into that.... Any thoughts? Any one else have similiar concerns?

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Yeah New York is better than San Francisco. Better in that you are given a greater opportunity to cultivate some connections in the New York art world. So as a professional and career minded choice Hunter is the way to go. That said, it is in no way insured that you are going to be picked up by a NY gallery after you graduate. Though in all honestly I am often disillusioned as to how regularly "connections" work out.

NYC is also just a stronger scene, more interesting stuff happening and a lot more of it. Stronger ties to the international market too.

It seems like Hunter and CCA have VERY different program structure. So you really might want to consider that first. Hunter does offer part time if cost is an issue too.

Also i think if you go through Yale's program you don't need to worry about the fact that its in CT. Its prestige will carry you through.

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