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Preparing for Grad school


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I need some advice. During my second semester of Sophomore year, I received D grade in Calculus II. My major is Computer Science. Also, my GPA went straight down from 3.30 to 3.02. 


The question is should I retake Calculus II or should I concentrate on the major computer science courses. I am also worried about not getting in a good grad school.


When should I start preparing for Grad School and what is the score that I should be aiming for??

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You should definitely retake it if you're set on doing CS grad school (or any kind of quantitative grad school really). Calc II is usually a prerequisite and I'm sure the admissions committees expect a strong grade in the class. You'll also need multivariable calculus and likely will need to get at least a C+ in order to advance onto that class. Good luck.

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