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GRE Subject Test- Applying to a different MA program than BA


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I am planning to apply to a M.A. program for the Fall 2015 semester for a couple of schools in NYC.  


I am looking to apply to English Literature programs, because I immensely enjoy english lit, along with reading, writing, editing, analyzing, etc.  The thing is though, neither of my Bachelors programs were english.  


Therefore, I was wondering if you lot think it would be a decent idea for me to take the English Lit GRE subject test in order to show these schools that, although I wasn't an english major, I can hold my own in the field.



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I studied literature in grad school with plenty of students who didn't major in English as undergraduates. Since you're applying to a Master's program it really isn't a big deal that you didn't major in English. What matters is that you have a good writing sample and, ideally, that you are doing something more in your paper than simply providing a close reading -- e.g., that you are able to situate your analysis in relation to other criticism on the work or have an awareness of how to incorporate literary theory into your discussion of a work. I wouldn't bother taking the subject test unless the school requires it. Your time is much better spent producing a solid writing sample.

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