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Profile evaluation, Advice for switching from Math to CS


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I have a Masters in Mathematics, and I'm finishing up a second Masters degree in Applied Statistics this fall.  I'm planning to apply to some CS PhD programs to pursue a Statistical Learning/Machine Learning track.  I had been planning on pursuing a Stats PhD, but it seems there's more opportunity for my interests in CS departments.  I'd like to get into a decent program, but I'm not sure how someone with a very math heavy background fares in the admissions process for CS programs.


Does anyone have any experience with switching into a CS PhD program from a Math background?  Any programs to recommend?  I like the look of UC-Irvine since it has a Stats specific track within its CS department, and am looking for similar types of departments.


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!




M.S. Applied Statistics, Cal State-Long Beach

GPA: 4.0

Completing a thesis on topics in machine learning and genetic data analysis, submitting for publication.


M.A. Pure Mathematics, UC-Davis

GPA: 3.88


GRE: 800 Quant/710 Verbal


Fairly strong programming skills, but mostly self-taught or learned through applied math courses.  I've previously taken a couple proof-based algorithm analysis courses.

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I think your profile looks very good for a CS PHD because you will be completing a research thesis for your MS. I know plenty of people who go from Math to CS in graduate studies.

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