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UK Applicants 2015 and Past


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Im planning on applying to The Royal College Art and was hoping to get some info from people who have studied there or are currently attending/planning to attend about financial aid. I know RCA doesnt give any bursaries to non EU/UK students, so what are my options for funding? Anybody have any ideas?



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Are these the only places you're applying to? Would you go elsewhere if you were unsuccessful several years in a row?


RCA is a big name but there are so many art schools/departments in the UK, there may be much better matches for you personally and that includes funding.  The University of the Arts (Central St Martins et al.) has more funding for international students and also has a great reputation. Slade at UCL and Goldsmiths, too.


Outside of London, there's Ruskin @ Oxford and Brighton, Dundee and Birmingham City unis all seem to have excellent research scores.



Are there any funding schemes in the US that help with study abroad? Like the Fulbright Commission? 


No idea if this is any help- http://www.postgraduatestudentships.co.uk/organization/general


You could try and find a 'patron'/send begging letters to rich and famous people to ask for cash.


Sell your work and/or create a small business online- something like etsy.com


Contact your local newspaper(s) to do a feature- as getting in is an achievement- and say that you're looking for support


Crowd funding? Offering prints or original works for cash.


If you have the qualifications, a year or 2 in the middle east can really boost your bank balance working in engineering, teaching etc.


Medical research study? Surprisingly rewarding if you're fit and healthy.


Do you have any skills you can use to make money? Teach art to adults? A language? Photography? Or somehow make money by making Youtube videos?

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