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Cognitive Science?


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I'm applying to programs in I/O psychology and in Cognitive Science (and a few stray other departments-- looking for HCI :) 


I wonder if there's anyone else here applying in Cog Sci, and what, if anything, you are doing differently with your application? Where are you applying, and how did you choose it? I don't see any rankings or anything like that, so I wonder what you're doing to narrow it down. 


I'm currently working in a Cog Sci department, so perhaps I can help answer other's questions about the lab, too. 


Good luck!

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I am thinking of applying to Yale and Brown Cognitive psych/science programs.




Undergrad : Computer Science


Grad: Master's Org Psych, Indian Institute of Technology


GRE: rather low 312 V158 Q 154 AWA 3.5


GPA 3.7


Recieved two positive responses from Professors at Yale and Brown. Hedging upon research experience, as my Master's is primarily research driven. Have a conference publication and journal paper under review.


Any suggestions? Should I tell the Professors before hand about my low GRE?



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my background is in Linguistics, but my ideas for a PhD thesis might well fit into a Cog Sci program. 


I am planning to apply to


Aarhus University 

Humboldt University of Berlin


Don't know much about US schools, I have not taken the GRE. 

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Allen_iit: I don't know what the protocol is about warning them about your GRE, but my intuition says, don't bother. I think bringing attention to something you're not thrilled about won't help you. They'll be looking at lots of apps, and yours will stand out since they know your name, and you have the opportunity to make it stand out for great things. Let the numbers you are less happy about have the chance of blending in the background :) 


I'm afraid I can't reproduce your name, second person, but good luck! I like Germany a lot, and I hope you do, too! The Cog Sci department I work with does a lot of linguistics-- it seems like a good fit!

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I am planning to write a research proposal first and only then start applying. Might decide to stay in China. 


Can you tell me more about your department? I am working on the relationship between spatial representation (more cognitive science) and aspect (more linguistics). 



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From what I know of the research being done at my school, your research interests sound right in line with the kind of thing they work on (I'm a little burrowed in my department, but we did some interviews with other grad students in the department :) From what I can tell, there's some pressure, but not from politics or over-competitiveness. Just that the standards are high. 


What info are you looking for specifically? 

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Any sort of information. 


Are standards high only in terms of actual quality of research or are students expected to publish a certain number of papers in certain publications? 


Are there any skills that PhDs are supposed to have before starting their studies? I know some people here who are into data analysis. I prefer to study the mind over the brain, but I am ready to learn some basic things like coding.


I am currently an MA student in China (not a Chinese national). 


What else? Do you think there are a lot of things that are yet to be discovered? I like the interdisciplinary nature. 

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