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GRE Woes


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Hello, I am planning to apply to doctoral I/O and OB programs this upcoming fall. Presently I am suffering with the GRE. For the past month I have taken a practice test every week and my scores seem to loom in this one set range (151-155 V, 143-149 Q). I am presently using Magoosh as my go to for studying but am beginning to get very worried about improving much more from here and my test day in three weeks.


While I believe other aspects of my "profile" are good (GPA: 3.80, second author on a study, several conference presentations, 1 publication under review and 1 in development...) I am really concerned about getting my GRE scores up. Naturally, and probably like a lot of you, I have very high standards and want to have very high GRE scores.


Really, from the boards, I am seeking advice on ways to improve my scores between here and my test or any words of wisdom and insight. Thank you in advance.

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First I'd go the ETS website and use the gre preparation materials they list there as a way to start.  Go through the information the test itself is providing you for free.   Then Id check to see if I could check out or purchase a princeton review or kaplan gre prep guide to use.  If you want to do anything it takes to raise those scores I'd try different resources available to you since it doesn't sound like what you are doing now is helping to raise your scores.  It is going to be difficult to raise your verbal scores quickly but your quant scores should be easiest to move through practice.  Best of luck.

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