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Hey everyone..
I got a 317 in my GRE (157 V/158 Q). I am planning to apply for PhD outside in the chemical engineering departments! Is this score good enough. I am currently pursuing from a prestigious college in India and my grades are pretty good.

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Guys please help me out.. I really need some advice!

Look up the websites of universities you want to apply to, some will have the average GRE scores of admitted students and you can use these as a guide. Try looking in the subfield forum for your area of study and look for discussion there.


A quick google found these scores from Minnesota for PhD. 


Chemical Engineering:

    Average Verbal Score: 160 / 79%

    Average Quant Score: 167 / 94%

    Average Writing Score: 4.2/58% (same)


For example if you want to go to Minnesota (which looks to be quite highly ranked) you'll likely need to do a bit better on the quantitative side. 

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