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statement of purpose for a re-application

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A question for the megahelpful forum-goers!

A few years ago I applied to a couple of PhD schools for statistics and was rejected from both. I did get into a MS program in statistics and am working my way through that.  I am working on applying to schools again this year and I am wondering how to address the fact that I am re-applying in my statement of purpose.

Should I specifically address what I have done in the past two years to improve my application? (Taken stats and math courses, interned as a statistician, volunteer on a research and planning committee) Or since it has been two years, just not mention it at all? 


Also, would it be worthwhile to contact the AdComm a couple of years later to see what they thought was deficient (not that I can change much at this point, but if I have addressed a concern or have an idea of how to address it I can point that out in the SOP too)





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I would not mention that you are reapplying (so I would not write "I previously unsuccesfully applied to PhD programs"), but you can draw attention to some of your Masters-level work. I would not mention the courses too much, since the adcoms can see them on your transcript. Instead, you could talk about some of the projects you have done and mention a few areas of statistics that interest you. Keep in relatively general though. My initial SoP was a bit too specific, but a more "general" one (where I mentioned interest in Bayesian methodology broadly and learning algorithms) I used seemed to be more well-received by schools (i.e. I got accepted at the schools where I used the "general" SoP).

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Yeah I agree, no need to remind them that they rejected you a couple years ago. With your MS and new experiences you should have a much better chance now. I would focus on whatever experiences or credentials you have that you think are strongest, regardless of whether they came from the last 2 years or prior to that. Best of luck and be sure to apply broadly to maximize your chances.

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