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MSW at SDSU- High GPA and low GRE score


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I'm planing on applying to the MSW program at SDSU, but I'm very concerned about my GRE AWA score, so I would like to know if someone here can give me an advice. My GPA is 3.8, and I have more than two years experience working with a nonprofit (in addition to my field practicum experience in which I just started). Since my GRE score is less than 4.0, I don't know if I should even bother applying this year. Do they even consider applicants with a score lower than 4.0? 

 I still have one more year of undergrad school left, so I don't want to take the GRE again since I've been very busy and I don't feel confident that my score will improve. Should I apply anyways, or should I take a year off?


Any advice will be greatly appreciated ;-)

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I went to an info session a couple of years ago and I threw away my notes. I hope that somebody who went recently can chime in. I also PM'd you. Are you a BSW student?

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I remember hearing that they wanted above a 4 and that your GPA is 50% of what they look for. They are having an info session on the 9th this month so you could go to get more info and ask about exceptions with your high GPA. Also, if they consider applicants with AWA scores lower than a 4, then your personal statement is another opportunity to show them how you write.

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