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Do I need to retake GRE? (Chemical Engineering)


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I just got my GRE scores back and can't decide if I should take it again or not...

161 V / 170 Q / 3.5 W (87%, 98%, 38%, respectively). I dont know what was going on with my writing. usually it is way be better than that....


I wanna apply to top 10 programs so I'm thinking to retake it... but since I don't have too much time to prepare for another test I'm worried that even I can get a better writing grade, my verbal and math would be worse.


My GPA and research are both Okay... how much does the writing weight?


Thankssss :)

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I would be seriously shocked if your AW score kept you out or even mattered at all. Besides, engineers do a different style of writing than the AW portion calls for.

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I would not retake.  You did very well in your other scores and I've heard that the AW portion is only going to really make a difference if its on the extreme (very high or very low).  I'd also like to say that you can show them you are actually a good writer by submitting a great SOP...which should clarify if there was any doubt about your ability to write.  

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