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Can't login to my current "My GRE" account, should I create another one?


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I've been trying to login to my GRE account, but have so far failed. Even trying to get ETS to send my password to my email address fails, as they don't seem to recognize my name or email address in their databases (even though I booked my test by going through their website). So I'm thinking of creating a new account but am scared that, since I've written the GRE already, creating this new account will somehow overwrite those scores and I'll have to do the test again. Ideally I'd like to be able to somehow contact ETS so they can let me get into my original account again, but when emailing them I get an automated reply, and when trying to phone them I'm told that the number doesn't exist. Does anyone know what I should do?

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you may have booked your test through the website but did you make an account with them as well?  I don't recall if registering for the GRE automatically gave you a login account too.  I'm confused have you ever been able to login or is this new?  i've been able to contact the ETS and they certainly got back to me via email.  I may have even called them once, I'd try that or give them a few business days to answer.  If it has been over 5 business days I'd email or call again.  it sounds strange the issue you are having since most times sending an email for a password reset works for 99% of the people.  also sometimes on website logins your email and your username are different, so if that is the case (I can't remember if ETS is) then try a your email without the @gmail.com or whatever.  Hope you get through eventually!

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You can create a new account. I was curious and just created a dummy account. When I did so and clicked on "View my scores", there was obviously no scores attached to this account, so it asks you for the registration # of your test. In fact, here is what it asks:


* One of the following: Select one of three options: 16-digit Computer-based Test Confirmation/Appointment Number
 8-digit Paper-based Test Confirmation Number
 7-digit Registration Number
Enter full number, including zeros Enter full number, including zeros


  * Test Date:   Select Month  January February March April May June July August September October November December    day of test  - Select Year - 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 
Not required when using the 16-digit Computer-based Test Confirmation/Appointment Number


  * One of the following: Select one of three options: Email Address:
 Undergrad Institution Code (See Code List
 Paper Based Test Center Code (See Code List
 Enter email address or code


So, if you create the account and enter this information, it will be able to find your scores.


To be safe, I would use a different email address than what you were trying before.

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