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Did not send my scores after the GRE test?


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I got 316 on my gre test...but i did not send my gre scores to 4 universities on test day?will it make much of a difference other than the money part?because they say that we get replies from universities we send our scores to!

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I have a question about this. I didn't send this on test day either.


Do I have to pay now for 4 schools? I haven't even decided the unis I'm gonna apply to for certain yet, nor have I applied.


Pretty freaking ridiculous if this is the case. 

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No, it won't make a bit of a difference. I didn't send mine out either cause I needed to contact the departments to get a sense of what they each considered a good score...which would let me decide if my scores were good enough to send, or if I should retake the GRE...doesn't matter if you send immediately or weeks after.


However, like everyone is mentioning, you will have to pay. But I'd rather be confident in sending my scores.

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