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Does low AWA affects my chance of admission


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I have a B.E in Computer Science and i am applying for Master's  in Computer  science. I gave GRE and my scores are Q 168, V 148 and AWA 2.5. I am targeting below Universites. 

TOEFL not yet Taken.


University of Florida

University of cincinnati

Indiana University Bloomington

North Carolina State University 


Any advises and past experiences are appreciated  



Venkata Trived 

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If your TOEFL scores are low and raise concerns about your ability to speak and write English, then your AWA will take on increased importance. A 2.5 is pretty low: many programs require a minimum 3.5 or 4. I would check with the schools you are interested in applying to and see if they recommend that you retake the GRE given your AWA.

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2.5 is very low and that combined with the low verbal will raise concern about your ability to successfully communicate and write reserach papers in English. Your quant is very very good and you still have time to raise the verbal and/or writing. If you can even increase 1 of the two scores then I think you will be in much better shape. I recommend taking a month to study vocab that commonly shows up on the verbal section and reading alot of the practice essays that recived high essay scores and retake.


In case you havent heard of it, ETS has an online scoring for practice essays that isnt too expensive. Unlike the real GRE, the computer scores the essays instead of actual people but it may be able to give you a rough estimate of whether you are improving. Here is a link to the site:




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