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Notre Dame's joint PhD program in History-Peace Studies

Josh J.

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Does anyone know anything about the Kroc Institutes joint History-Peace Studies program? I searches their website and was unable to find any info on placements....

I've heard it can be much harder to find a T/T position with an interdisciplinary degree...

Any thoughts?

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I suspect having an interdisciplinary degree from a place like ND wouldn't be as bad. But, yes, I still think it would be seen negatively by many in the field, especially 'classically' trained historians. When I applied for PhD programs I applied to ND's PhD in Literature, which is somewhat similar in that it allows one to study "literature" (I do ancient history) in broader ways (methodologies from history, classics, and so on). Ultimately I'm glad I didn't end up there as I was worried the nature of such a degree would have made it more unlikely for, say a history department, to hire such a person rather than someone with a PhD in history. It's still worth applying, of course. One thing that struck me is how small the stipend and (lack of) summer funding available to many of ND's PhD students in the humanities. I ended up securing a spot in a different program there and it was about the same as a state school's funding package. This may have just been that program. But it's important to consider as you may have to apply for competitive summer funds and the like. 

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Has anyone heard back from the Kroc Institute yet? I've yet to hear anything either way.


I emailed the Kroc DGS for the M.A. Peace Studies program and got the following response back: 




Our MA Admissions Committee is currently reviewing the applications.  By April 1st at the latest, you will receive an email from the ND Graduate School advising you to log back into your online application in order to view the decision letter. 
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