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international with uk diiploma, high honours, low GPA


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am writing with a query regarding entry requirements for international student for graduate program of PhD
I am currently student of Undergraduate course Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences with specialization in anatomy, aat scottish, very high in rankings uni. My course is 4 years long, ended with honours years with 10 weeks research project, and i am considering undertaking summer research project too (2 months). The Final degree grade is based on last year achievements plus overall examination. Additionally i have been a laureate of Scottish edition of FameLab ( similar concept to three minute thesis at Queensland University. AU) competition( , where i talked for example in three minutes to non expecting public about connection of brain development relation to schizophrenia). At the moment I am taking gap year for gaining some laboratory experience, and taking part in Endocrinology journal essay competition( writing article about side effects of long term treatment by corticosteroids Addisonian patients (Morbus Addisoni) on mental health (mental instability) and overall health condition  . Is it possible for me in near future to apply directly to PhD and be potentially successful with scholarships ?During studies I have been ill, had couple of surgeries, and  very, very bad cancer so therefore it affected performance, but my final grade is expected to be First ( on the basis of honours year grade is a final grade). Is there potentially anything more that I can improve chances for admission and stipend? From next September i will start my final, honours year. I finished as well Veterinary Technical School as a College. At the moment I am volunteering as a research assistant/ laboratory assistant and giving tuitions in  my former College -Anatomical Sciences, Biomedical sciences and embryology. GPA not sure yet how much, but bad, above 3, medical certificates, gap years resits.
In time of applying, do I need to send an extra documents as a proof of these extracurricular activities?

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