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DASA program at Irvine..any thoughts?


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I just got an invitation from the Graduate Director at UC Irvine to apply to a 1 year Master's program in Demographics and Social Analysis (DASA). Looking into it a little more, it sounds very similar to Chicago's MAPPS program. Apparently students take classes with other PhD students and usually one or two students get into UC Irvine's PhD program upon completion, or so the email says.

My current option right now is to pursue a terminal masters program at San Jose State where I can work with Dr. James Lee who's an identity theorist. I'm trying to weigh out the pros and cons, if I were accepted into Irvine's DASA program, between both.

Any thoughts on DASA? Any thoughts in general?

Thanks :)

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I have a friend who went through the DASA program. She really liked it and now does statistical analysis for a non-profit. She said it was very intense and very stats heavy. If that's your bag, it might be the right program for you.

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Hi Socguy,

Thanks for that response. I love stats and so I don't mind the stat heaviness. I'm up for the challenge of the program. My ultimate goal is to use the program as a stepping stone to a PhD program in sociology. As a candidate that lacks research experience, I'm hoping this program will make me more competitive and attractive. Other aspects of my application 3.3 GPA from UCLA major Economics/Asian American Studies. 1220 GRE scores (500 V 720 Q) 5 writing. Research interest: LGBT identity development.

What do you think?

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