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Applying to Different Departments at the Same University

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In an effort to broaden my applications, I am planning to apply to both comp lit departments and English departments. My question is—is it acceptable to apply to an English department and a Comp Lit department at the same University? Initially I didn't think much of it, but digging deeper, my concern is that if, for example, I'm claiming that NYU Comp Lit is a PERFECT fit while also claiming that NYU's English Department is perfect for me—will they, potentially, see that as disingenuous? (Assuming there is faculty who work in both departments).  



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I'd suggest contacting faculty or the DGS in those departments to discuss your interests and which department would better serve you. For instance, Duke's English and Lit programs specify that you can only apply to one, not both, and they can't guarantee they'll contact you to redirect your application. It could also potentially raise flags for the grad school. It's better to ask now than have both applications rejected due to logistics.

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Yes, I was just about to post the same thing as Iphi. I've completed twelve applications so far, and most of them had a warning that you can only have ONE active application at a time.


I know the field you're looking at is quite limited, but I think your best bet is to just make the most out of the places that are a great fit. Either that or be willing to broaden your horizons just a little bit to adapt to programs that are at least reasonably close to your interests.

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