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Is a Post - Bacc program necessary?


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Hey all,


I earned my BA in Psychology this year, but I want to go into SLP. For someone who does not have a degree in communication disorders, is a post-bacc program completely necessary to apply for a Masters in SLP? I'm sure there are some classes I have to take in order to be eligible to apply for Masters, since I'm a psychology major, but is it possible to do that without a post bacc program? Just take a few necessary classes at a community college for example?


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I don't know about the post-bacc program, but I don't think you'll be able to complete your required courses by community college.  A lot of the required courses for SLP programs seem to ask for upper division courses that wouldn't be available in a community college.  The required classes for some programs also sound too specific to be offered as a course at a community college, at least at the ones in my area.   


I've heard of people taking online courses at Utah State for slp pre-req's.  Maybe you can check it out and see if it meets your needs?

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Different schools have different requirements for pre-reqs, so you could look into schools that have minimal pre-reqs. For example, I know that MGH, Emerson, and Northwestern offer all of their prerequisites as summer courses, so you can get accepted without prereqs and then take them all the summer before you start. Otherwise USU is a great option as posters above have mentioned. Some schools require a post-bacc or comdis degree, while others require anywhere between 4 and 10 specific courses regardless of your major.


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