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POI On-Leave Fall 2015


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I am currently in the application process. One of my Professors of Interest, unfortunately, will be on-leave next fall, the semester I'd (supposedly) start at this particular institution. A few background information: this is 1/12ish schools Im currently applying to; and, in regards to this particular professor, there are other scholars at this institution pertinent to my own area of interest. Therefore, he is not the primary professor I'd like to work with (but it would be nice if I could). 


My questions are: Can I mention him in my SOP? Can I list him as a POI I'd like to work with in my application? Will his absence effect my application in anyway? Last question seems silly, but Im still curious. 


Thank you =)



EDIT: Since he will be on leave next year, should I still email him introducing myself?

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Yes, you should still email and introduce yourself. Going "on leave" can mean a lot of different things to different professors. Some profs go "on leave" and basically just disappear (more common if they have no current students while on leave) and others still come into work every day but just do not teach or sit on committees. And for some others, "on leave" might actually mean they are trying out a different job at a different school and would only return if the new job doesn't work out. So it would make a lot of sense to email the prof and express your interest in working with him and see what he says.


The other thing I'd keep in mind is that it's not too rare for one's supervisor to be away for some time during one's degree. And it might even be better for them to be away in the beginning rather than when you are trying to finish!

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