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Low GRE scores to retake or not to retake


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I need some advice.  I took the GRE and did study for it, probably not enough now that I've taken it.  Q was 140 and V was 148.  I definitely know these are poor scores especially the Quantitative.  I'm applying to Loyola Chicago, Depaul Univ, Boston Univ, and Indiana Univ. for a Master's in Education and Counseling.  Will these scores greatly effect my chances of getting into these schools?  I'm prepared to retake the GRE now that I have a better idea of what it entails. I am confident however that I'll have a great personal statement and supporting documents.  None of the schools actually provide a minimum GRE score and I can't find any information as to GRE averages for these schools or programs.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you for your time,

Katie D.

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I should also add that I'm not a great test taker and have always struggled with Math.  I spent most of my time trying to study the math portion only to realize I needed to study the Verbal a little more.  If I retake it I know I could definitely do better on the verbal.  I might do a little better on the Quantitative, but I just want to know if it's worth it.


I also did well in college 3.46 GPA and I have about 3 years of teaching experience.


I've talked with an English PHD student who scored pretty low on the Q and she was able to get into all the programs she applied to.

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Have you spoken to anyone in the departments you plan to apply to? You could ask program managers or secretaries for averages, or you could speak to current students in the program to see what their GRE scores were like.


I would say, have at least one of your letter writers explain that your GRE scores aren't a good reflection of your actual academic strengths, in whatever words are appropriate.


On top of that, make sure to emphasize your teaching experience. In practical programs, real-world experience can mean the difference between getting in and not. (Knowledge from a close friend who applied to a counseling program).


You can also find average GRE scores by major, just search online, sorry I don't have a link handy.


Good luck! You can always study up and retake it! And I'd recommend you do, if you can!

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