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Intepreting GRE Scores


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Hey! I took the GRE yesterday and got a 165V and a 156Q. Are these competitive scores for a PhD in social work? Since that's a pretty narrow pool, are they competitive a good to top PhD programs in sociology or psychology (which are more competitive than PhD programs in social work)?


Also, is a 156Q going to raise eyebrows for being low from someone who majored in economics? Thanks for any help you can give!

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Hi - I found this on Magoosh maybe it'll help you a little bit. Gives average scores by major and school ranking. Estimated by the geniuses at Magoosh.



And congrats on your all-around excellent scores!


And whoa - you already got your writing score back? That was like what, 5 business days? That means I could get mine by this Friday!  

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I think those are very good scores considering the programs you are looking at. I dont think they would worry about the 156Q. I think the econ major is enough to prove that you have the quant skills needed for those fields. My guess (could be wrong since Im in the hard sciences) is that statistics is used more than anything else in sociology and psych so having an A in a stats class or two could make up for any slight worry about the quant score. Since those fields are more writing and reading intensive, I think the most important thing would be to do well in verbal and writing sections since you may lack some of the course work that would typically prove competence in those areas. Since you did really well in both of those sections, I wouldnt worry at all!

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