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Good enough for Berkeley, Stanford, or Santa Barbara?


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Hi all,


Went into the GRE yesterday with a days worth of studying (been a bad semester), but I got a 162 V and 161 Q. Looking to go into a Materials Science program. Just wondering if these scores are good enough to prevent me from being immediately filtered from a top-tier school?


Thank you

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Check the university's website and see the average GRE scores. That should be a good indicator. 


Im not in your field, but I think your Q score needs to be 165+ for Berkeley and Stanford. For me (I'm a history applicant), my subject emphasis would be towards V, and at UCLA the average admitted scores were over 165. What was your AW score? 


Also, keep in mind, that GRE is one part of your application. I'd suggest contacting your POI, introduce yourself, but also emphasis why you want to work with him/her. 

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