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Looking for fully funded M.A. in English


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Hi there!

I've been going to various university sites, trying to make a list of decent/good schools offering waived tuition and/or stipends to Master's students in English programs. I've been told multiple times that I should not pay for a Master's degree, but it seems many programs only offer fully funded PhDs, leaving Master's students to fend for themselves, so to speak.


I am in the Northeast, but I have no problem traveling, providing they will help me pay to stay there. I do plan to continue to a PhD, so it is not necessarily important where my MA is coming from, as long as they have an engaging and (for lack of a better word) "good" English department.

Some of the schools I found which I believe offer tuition and stipends for English MA are:

Syracuse, Penn State, Cornell, and possibly Michigan?


It is a bit confusing on some of the sites, since it is hard to tell if they are talking about Master's or PhD programs at some points of their funding literature. 


I looked into UPenn, Emory, and Northwestern, all of which offer a fully funded PhD but not MA.



2 questions:

Is there a comprehensive list of schools that offer fully funded Master's in English?

Are their schools which offer fully funded dual MA/PhD programs in English?


If there is not a list complied somewhere, maybe someone can suggest a few schools that they know of.


Thanks in advance!


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Someone might have told you that you shouldn't pay for an MA in English - but did they mean that you shouldn't pay because there are abundant funded English MA programs, or did they mean that you shouldn't get an MA in English at all?  Because English is not my field, but as I understand it there aren't really a lot of English MA programs that are funded as a matter of course.  Some English MA students may fund themselves through teaching assistantships.


Now, many programs offer funded PhD programs in which you can earn a non-terminal MA on the way - usually by writing some kind of master's essay/thesis.  They don't admit students who only want to do the MA, but they do have the mechanisms in place to confer the MA to enrolled PhD students who complete the requirements.

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