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Again, Chances for European Graduate


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I'm really sorry to post another chances thread here, but I found that I tend to overestimate myself and it'd be really helpful to get some outside-advice.So I'd appreciate any comments (when not insulting, rassistic or sexistic).


Near future:

Graduating in spring from Master in Mathematics, key area Stochastics and Dynamical Systems, at University Vienna, and interested in PhD.



Studying at University of Vienna, GPA in Bachelor 3.86. Academic record in master up to now very little, even got a "D", but planning on taking some exams of courses I took last fall in and spring semester this october and november, before apllication deadline falls. (possible in Austria :)) no IELTS or GRE scores yet. No pubblications.

I suppose of my professors (dean of faculty and a leading researcher) would write some great recommendation letters.



Stuck to Academic Environment and still eager to learn. Want to move to NYC for personal reasons.


Field of study

Applied Mathematics, touching Statistics/Economics or Finance.



Now, I suppose that many graduates from around the world want to move to the US and especially NYC to do a PhD. I have good grades from a fairly good European school, but there will be others with similar attributes.



  • From this information, how high would you estimate my chances of getting enrolled in a programme in NYC with financial aid? Any chances to get in Columbia or NYU?
  • And how big is the competition out there? I always counted on the fact, that not many people are studying Mathematics and that so competition would be lower.
  • How well are European diplomas accredited in the US?

I've read the post of strangefox 'Before you ask "WHAT ARE MY CHANCES???" ', but I'm sure there are some general facts and the situation especially for Maths might differ.


Thanks to all of you,




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If the adcom is not as familiar with your institution, they will weigh your letters of recommendation and your mathematics subject GRE score more. So do well on the math subject GRE. But additionally, you indicate you have gotten a "D," so you may want to have one of your letter writers address this or address it somewhere in the supplemental information section (you should thoroughly explain why it does not reflect your ability and emphasize your strong performance in other classes).

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The applicant pool for mathematics PhD programs in the U.S. is deep and strong. According to the US News & World Report, NYU is the #1 ranked applied mathematics program in the country, which means they will get a large number of very good applicants. You will want to check out mathematicsgre.com to look at some profiles and past admissions results. 

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