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Acceptance Rate for M.A/M.T.S


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Hi all. Does anyone know acceptace rates for M.A at Vandy (Dept. of Religious Studies) and GTU? I'm looking for the info on the web but can't find them.

It would also be helpful for everybody to make use of this topic to talk about acceptance rate/application stats for other schools.

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That's a good question.


I know that there are MA students in the GDR at Vandy but I've yet to meet one of them. Going through the course schedules for the last three years, there's on average 5-7 students working on their MA thesis in the Fall or Spring semester so that certainly lends to the idea that it's an incredibly small program.


Of the ~12 PhD students I know that did their M* at Vandy, none of them did an MA - they're all MDiv or MTS.


Hopefully this helps some.

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For what it's worth, the GDR encourages all MA applicants to also apply for the MTS - same courses, profs, etc. It's just a 2 year program with minimal required courses so not much different than a MA. In fact, it's closer to an MA than it is an M.Div, despite being officially in the Divinity School.


The acceptance rate for the MTS is somewhere between 30-40% depending on who you talk to in the Admissions Office but unlike the M.Div program, those numbers aren't officially released to the student body.

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